Club completes first river survey

9 05 2011

Yesterday’s river survey turned up not only the sandstone blocks thought to be the original abutments but also a further object of interest which has been sent for analysis.

Organised by Pete Forbes and Jon Prince, the dive team included Ed Lomas, Mark Hammond, Andrew Neale, Russ Buckley and Mark Pemberton.

The team carried out the first of a series of dives at Frankwell Quay to search for the original abutments around Welsh Bridge in the hope of building a picture of the archeology around the river and its significance to the history of Shrewsbury.

The first Welsh Bridge was thought to have been constructed from timber in around 1121 and was expanded during the 14th century to incorporate square sandstone bastions each side of the old gatehouse on the bridge.
Between 1793 and 1795, the New Welsh Bridge was constructed and a vast abutment riverwall was built from sandstone to form a barge quay. 
Pete says: “Thanks to all who turned out for the river survey today, especially the wives who so patiently waited for their partners!

“Many thanks to Mark and Deb, Russ and Cathy, Andrew and his family, Jon Prince, Mark Pemberton, Anne Trigg, Andrea and Lara, and especially Ed Lomas who loaned and drove his boat for safety cover.

“After the initial exploratory survey in the morning, a large area of sandstone blocks were located. So further examination took place in the afternoon on the suggestion of Mark Hammond, instead of doing another rope search we split into pairs and went solo.

“Fortunately I was with Mark Pemberton who had a metal detector and we located an object of interest which Ed is talking to his colleague about to have analysed.

“We’re hoping this will further the knowledge of Frankwell Quay and help to paint a picture of what was transported there and for what purpose.

“We’ll be doing further survey work will be done in the future, probably in the evenings aswell as weekends.”

To see the gallery of pictures from yesterday, just click on the ‘Read more’ link below!

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